Rubber Molding

Molding rubber is our specialty, and we have the ability to assist with parts design, prototyping, production, finishing, and assembly, so you don’t have to work with multiple companies–JRW is your one stop resource for all your rubber molding needs.

Transfer Molding

Transfer molding is best suited to low to medium volume production of small to medium sized parts. It is a flexible solution offering the ability to produce intricate-shaped products and allows for the addition of colored and translucent compounds.

Liquid Silicone Molding

The process for molding Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is suitable for relatively small parts with high annual volume needs. This material allows for very short cycle times which makes it an ideal candidate for two-shot molding with plastic material.

Compression Molding

Compression molding is best suited to low production volumes of medium to large size parts that use higher cost materials. Compression molding is viewed as being labor intensive, but this can be addressed through automation to a point where it matches the efficiency of injection molding.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Gluing metal to rubber is a secondary, manual process for joining rubber to a metal insert. It is a good solution in specific situations where bonding is not possible either for cost or practical considerations.


At Jefferson Rubber, we offer customized solutions depending on the product specifications using either 3D printed elastomer parts, prototype tooling with a limited number of parts or limited tooling cavitation for initial process set-up and validation.


Rubber Bellows

Custom Rubber bellows and boots in many different configurations, sizes and materials to meet your most demanding needs. Our Bellows and Boots are utilized in applications requiring protection against dust, moisture, oils, chemicals, and UV, just to name a few.

Rubber Grommets

We manufacture custom grommets and other rubber components to your spec. Rubber grommets are manufactured in a variety of rubber compounds including, silicone, Buna-N, Viton® Neoprene and EPDM.

Rubber Expansion Joints

We produce a range of expansion joints that compensate for pressure and expansion changes across a wide range of applications. This is achieved through design and advanced compound technology involving combining rubber or synthetic rubber with woven fabrics.

EMI Shielding

Jefferson Rubber Works produces high-quality precision EMI RFI shielding gaskets and seals for a variety of industries and applications that meet client specifications and function effectively in the required application. These generally take the form of EMI shielding gaskets and seals that can be die-cut, water jet cut or compression molded.

Hoses and Ducting

Jefferson Rubber Works’ professional team can assist in design and manufacture a wide range of rubber hoses and ducting to client requirements that meet all original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) standards. Hoses and ducts are made from advance materials and comprise numerous layers of different materials to maintain the original shape and flexibility of the product, even under extreme conditions.

O-Rings & Gaskets

Manufacturer of non-standard and specialized O-rings and gaskets on a customized order basis. Our professional staff can assist in the design, material selection, and manufacturing process to meet client specifications. O-rings may be produced by an extrusion process, injection molding, compression molding or transfer molding in most of the elastomer materials available.

Jefferson Rubber is a complete resource for all your custom rubber molding requirements. For over 45 years, we have manufactured custom molded rubber parts with unmatched accuracy. Other custom rubber injection molding companies utilize outdated compression and transfer rubber molding methods but our state-of-the-art custom injection molding processes, combined with the latest equipment and a highly trained staff ensures that your custom molded rubber parts meet your precise requirements.

When you work with Jefferson Rubber you can depend on quality custom rubber molding production from the design assistance to manufacturing to final assembly. Custom rubber is our specialty, and we have the capability to provide prototyping, production, finishing, and assembly, so you don’t have to work with multiple companies–JRW is your one stop resource for all your custom rubber molding requirements.

An ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001 certified company, quality and customer satisfaction is our focus and we work continuously to lower costs and increase efficiency which is passed onto our customers. Contact Jefferson Rubber for all of you custom rubber injected molded parts.