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Custom Rubber Injection Molding Company

Custom Rubber Injection Molding Company

Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. (JRW) offers a one stop resource for all your custom rubber injection molding company needs. Since 1975 JRW has manufactured custom molded rubber parts with unparalleled accuracy. Other custom rubber injection molding companies use aging compression and transfer rubber molding methods. JRW’s state-of-the-art custom injection molding processes, the latest equipment, and a highly trained staff with years of rubber molding experience ensure that your parts meet your exacting requirements. Contact Jefferson Rubber Works and let us take your part from prototype to finished product.

Jefferson Rubber Works molds parts for customers in a wide variety of markets. We provide the following parts and more for OEMs and large volume customers:

The U.S. government even depends on JRW to produce gas mask second skins and nose cup disk valves. Whether you require laparoscopic seals, window closeouts, bellows, couplings, or gaskets, you do not need to work with multiple injection molding companies. You can depend on Jefferson Rubber Works to produce all the custom rubber parts you need.

Jefferson Rubber Works is your source for high-precision, cost-efficient rubber molded parts and rubber compression molding. Our staff brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and keen insight to the operation, with years of experience in the rubber injection molding industry. You will save time and money working with JRW during the whole molded rubber products production process, instead of dealing with a different custom rubber injection molding company for each production phase.