Custom Molded Rubber Bumpers & Feet

Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. designs a variety of rubber bumpers including molded recess bumpers, plug bumpers, and appliance feet, all in varying shapes and elastomers. All our rubber bumpers and feet are custom designed and manufactured to the high and exacting standards using compression, transfer, and injection silicone molding processes.

The general purpose of a rubber bumper is to protect a product, machine or person from damage or harm.

Applications for Custom Molded Rubber Bumpers & Feet

  • Product protection
  • Securing and protecting sharp edges
  • Protection of surfaces and floors
  • Reducing or increasing friction
  • Support components
  • Fenders in wheel arches of vehicles
  • Reduce impacts between boats and solid objects


  • Furniture
  • General manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer electronics
  • Marine

Features and Benefits of Molded Rubber Bumpers & Feet

  • Wide range of color and material options
  • Aesthetic concealment options
  • Protective covering of sharp and dangerous edges
  • Protective capping of protrusions on goods in transit
  • Add stability to furniture and appliances
  • Weather resistant
  • Shock protection