Do you have a standard parts catalog?
We do not have a standard parts catalog. All of our products are custom made to customer specifications, although with the thousands of rubber parts we have produced, we may have a part similar to what you are looking for.

Will I need to buy tooling or a mold to produce my product, and if so, how much do they cost?
If we don’t have an existing mold to meet your requirements, we will have to build one. Mold costs vary widely based on the configuration of the part. Contact us for an estimate for your project.

I have an existing mold; can you use it?
In most cases, we can use an existing mold. In fact, in several cases we have helped reduce our customers’ costs by converting their compression or transfer molds to injection molds, reducing molding cycle times and reducing part price.


How can do I select a material for my application?
With years of experience working with a variety of material, we can help select the material that will best suit your needs while keeping material costs in mind.

What material do you mold?
We mold in all thermoset elastomers including, but not limited, to EPDM, Silicone, SBR, Nitrile, NBR, Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Polyisoprene, Butyl, and Chlorobutyl.

Can you mold different color materials?
We can mold in a variety of colors. We also use protective packaging for all of our products when shipping final products.

Do you mix your own materials?
No, we use custom rubber mixers. We have at our disposal some of the most sophisticated mixing laboratories in the country; we outsource this expertise.


What kind of design software do you utilize?
We use Solidworks.

What type of files can you convert?
Always up to date, we can convert most all standard engineering software program files.


What quality certifications do you have?
We are currently ISO 9001 certified.

Are you undertaking any lean initiative?
Yes, we are currently employing 5S, JIT, Continuous Flow, Pull Systems, Muda, Standardized Work, Heijunka and Kaizan.