About Jefferson Rubber


Jefferson Plant

Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. (JRW) had its origins in the small Massachusetts town of Jefferson, Worcester County in 1979. In 1988 the company finally outgrew its Jefferson Mill base and moved about ten miles from into a purpose built 35,000 square foot, modern production facility in the city of Worcester.

JRW’s highly qualified and experienced staff completed a successful transfer to the new plant at the same time as the latest technology custom injection molding equipment was introduced. In 2015, the purchase of a new “state of the art” 300-ton Powerjet Injection Molder saw them expand their capabilities in thermoplastic injection molding and reduce delivery lead times to customers.

The move created additional benefits for the company as well. The current facility is close to the Worcester Regional airport, within easy reach of Boston’s Logan airport and a number of interstate highways and rail connections. These contribute to highly efficient logistics chains that shorten delivery times for all JRW customers. The additional vacant land that was acquired in 1988 will allow for future expansion of the facility.

In 1995 Jefferson Rubber Works created the Ruff Dawg division to produce toys for pets. In 2013 they acquired Astro Manufacturing Co. to add their products to an already unique and popular line of toys for pets.


Jefferson Rubber Works is now a leading supplier of custom rubber products, with expertise in rubber injection molding, liquid silicone molding, transfer molding, thermoplastic rubber, and composite moldings for customers in a wide variety of markets. JRW provide the following parts and more for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and large volume customers:

  • Automotive – Window closeouts, bellows, and grommets;
  • Medical – Laparoscopic Seals, stand offs, and stoppers;
  • Liquid Injection Molding – inhalation gaskets, healthcare parts;
  • Construction – Sprinkler pipe gaskets & stand pipe seals;
  • Hydronics – Water Tank & Expansion Tank Diaphragms;
  • U.S. government – Gas mask second skins and nose cup disk valves.

If you are in the market for high quality, precision made, and cost-efficient molded rubber parts, look no further than Jefferson Rubber Works to become your preferred supplier. Their highly skilled staff and a company with more than 40 years of experience can meet every custom rubber molded injection requirement. They will give you a fuss-free “one stop shop” experience from concept and design assistance to the final high-quality product you need.