General Considerations

You can select from a broad choice of materials that will provide the compound best suited to your product application. Some examples are:

NEOPRENEAll purpose outdoor-indoor synthetic rubber resistant to most chemicals, oils, weathers, etc.
EPDMOutdoor weather resistant even under extremely severe conditions, resistant to color fade, heat, electricity.
NITRILE (Buna-N)Especially resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons, gasoline, petroleum oils, mineral and vegetable oils.
SBR (Buna-S)Non oil resistant, economically priced synthetic rubber – especially noted for its low water absorption properties.
NATURALExtremely resilient with high tensile & elongation properties – also resistant to flexing, permanent set and electricity – used in food and beverage applications.
URETHANEOutstanding tensile and abrasion qualities – excellent resistance to wear, ozone, oxygen, kerosene & gasoline.
SILICONES Can withstand extreme heat or cold and retain flexibility – normal temperature range of -150 F to 550 F.
VITONWill withstand extreme temperatures and is fuel and oil resistant.