Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. always suggests trying an off-the-shelf or catalog component before making the investment in custom tooling. In the case of plugs, caps, and stoppers, there are several reputable catalog companies that may have something that will work although most of these products are imported from offshore.

If an off the shelf part does not work for your application Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. can help design a custom part. We will help with the design, material selection, and manufacturing process. This will allow for endless possibilities to meet your requirements. Some examples of helpful features that may be included are pull tabs, integrated lanyards, assorted colors, engraved logos, or textures. These features can enhance the functionality and/or the branding of the product.

Jefferson Rubber Works, Inc. has years of experience and practical application evidence that can be shared with customers to develop and design the most cost-effective rubber cap, rubber plug, or rubber stopper. Contact us today with your challenge.