Rubber Bellows

Jefferson Rubber produces rubber bellows and boots in many different configurations, sizes, and materials to meet your most demanding needs. Our Bellows and Boots are utilized in applications requiring protection against dust, moisture, oils, chemicals, and UV, just to name a few.

Rubber Bellows

We manufacture molded rubber bellows and boots to comply with your most stringent requirements. Our molded bellows are perfect for protecting your applications from dust, water oil, grease, UV, and other environmental hazards.

Jefferson’s molded rubber bellows are manufactured in various rubber materials such as:

  • Natural Rubber (NR)
  • Silicone Rubber (VMQ)
  • Neoprene®, Chloroprene (CR)
  • Polyisoprene (IR, NR)
  • Styrene-Butadiene (SBR)
  • Butyl (IIR)
  • Ethylene-Propylene (EPDM, EP)
  • Nitrile, Buna-N (NBR)
  • Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)
  • Viton®, Fluorocarbon (FKM)Our engineers are committed to analyzing your specific needs to create custom rubber bellows to your exact specifications. We utilize unique manufacturing techniques and select materials to provide the correct solution for your application. Jefferson Rubber can fill orders both low and high volume as well as providing prototypes.

Rubber bellows are used in industry to compensate for expansion, pressure surges, correction of misaligned components, isolation of vibration and protection of system components. Bellows are designed to expand and contract while maintaining a seal from the external environment. Jefferson Rubber Inc. design and manufacture bellows from a number of elastomers to meet client specifications.

Applications for Rubber Bellows

  • Cooling water systems
  • Condensers
  • Gas lines
  • Water pipelines and piping
  • Pumps
  • Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Automotive suspension systems
  • Mechanical vibration dampers

Top Industries

  • Power generation
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Food

Features and Benefits of Rubber Bellows

  • Alleviation of stress on pipelines and piping resulting from product pressure, thermal expansion, misaligned piping, and
  • Reduced noise
  • Flexible and secure seal around moving parts and components
  • Extended life of system components

Molded Rubber Bellows

Molded bellows and boots are versatile seals used in a wide range of applications to seal dust and other environmental elements in applications with a stroke or designed range of motion. Each of these methods has certain attributes that would be relevant based on the criteria of the application. Bellows and boots produced in this manner can be made from a variety of materials, colors, and durometers. In addition, this process allows for a part with varying wall thicknesses, and other configurations not found in the other styles.

Jefferson Rubber has a considerable amount of standard tooling available for bellows of this style, which afford you the ability to obtain an all rubber, seamless, bellows with no tooling cost.